Video: Kirsten Gillibrand caves in to illegal immigration lobby, supports amnesty

The saga of New York's new senator Kirsten Gillibrand continues. As shown on the video (from; transcript of her remarks below), she's now fully capitulated to the demands of illegal immigration supporters and says she supports comprehensive immigration reform.

No matter what she wants to call it, "reform" will be seen as an amnesty by millions of people around the world. They'll respond by trying to come here illegally. At the same time, that reform will give even more political power inside the U.S. to the far-left, racial power groups, corrupt business groups, the Mexican government, and other similar groups. They'll use that increased power to allow more illegal immigration and to push for future amnesties.

Please go to one of Gillibrand's public appearances and ask her tough questions about this issue designed to reveal the flaws in her policies. Then, upload video of her response to video sharing sites like Youtube. See the question authority page for some sample questions you can ask.

On the full video, she says she opposed the earlier amnesty attempt because she thought it should have attempted to solve the eight year legal immigrant backlog in six months by hiring enough people; see this and this for the tremendous issues involved there.

She also says she opposed it because she thought the guest worker requirements - two years here, one year back home - was a recipe for failure because if they had jobs there they wouldn't bother to come here in the first place. Instead, she wanted a constantly rolling "guest" worker program where the "guests" wouldn't leave: they'd get a five-year visa which was renewable for another five years, after which they could apply for citizenship.

Here are the relevant portions of her remarks on the full video:
"I think we need immigration reform immediately... it's something that I think has to be on the national agenda this year, and I support an earned path to citizenship...and I support policies to put that in place so that we can have comprehensive immigration reform.

Now, when you use a term like amnesty it's a very divisive term. It's one that no one agrees on what the definition is.

So, you know, my understanding of amnesty is that if you are here undocumented/illegal that the next day you're legal. I think there's enormous consensus on that that is not the most effective way, it's not going to be passed in the House or Senate, but actually an earned path to citizenship is much more reflective of the consensus.

It's exactly what our other Senator supports, an earned path to citizenship. It's what Senator Clinton supported, it's what our congressional delegation supports. So I think by having a view that an earned path to citizenship will be much more effective and something that we can actually pass is the right approach.

...What I hope to do is to encourage the Obama administration to put a comprehensive plan on the table in the first year, because I don't think it should be a political issue... I think if it's something that if people come together and have the benefit of all the information I've had there's enormous room for agreement and there's a lot of common ground that can be developed in both the House and the Senate to get this type of legislation passed now."
Obviously, it was a political issue for her: she did something approaching a 180 after intense lobbying from the New York Times, Hispanic leaders, and other supporters of illegal activity.

UPDATE: As if all the above wasn't enough, from this 2/2 report:
[She] told a group of 16 New York City politicians that she will use the group as a sounding board to help form her immigration policy, Assemb. Peter Rivera said [after the 2/1 meeting].
And, according to this, Gillbrand met with Chung Wha Hong of the New York Immigration Coalition on Monday and expressed regret and admitted that some of her votes were wrong and then agreed to the following demands:
A moratorium on government raids until Congress approves comprehensive immigration reform.

Clearing the backlog of entry applications that have forced immigrant families to wait years to be reunited with relatives, and ultimately reducing the application processing time to six months.

Ensuring the temporary worker program includes a path to citizenship.


Some people gave their lives for this country throughout history.Others sold their soles for money or power and their grandchildren will curse them to their dying days .

Mary is right, this pig Gillibrand is just about one thing, "the third world leaders", she will say anything to do evil here. Its all about the ideals of power and the end game is your world under the foot of our enemies. If Amnesty happens all oaths of political loyalty and country and the ideals of devotion and support must disappear from any real American and real Americans know how to act against a foreign based enemy who wants us all under the foot of a oppression and tyranny of the third world. Hate is good against Evil.

How pathetic. She caved to the ethnocentric extremists and now supports mass amnesty for millions of illegals -- while more than 11 million US citizens are out of work.

She won originally in a conservative district. In 2010 they should toss her out!

'all the information I've had' More like indoctrination. Didn't take her long to 'get with the program', did it? You know what the spin is gonna be, don't you? If she wins now, the usual suspects will claim it was due to this 'conversion'.

And this "rolling" five-year visa "guest-worker" program is a sham, a transparent de facto amnesty scheme that sounds similar to what open border zealot Baca peddled awhile back.

The only question reasonable people need to ask is this, Why do these people want to destroy this country? The only viable answer is the One World Government.

Surely some of Gillibrand's long time staffers have to be shocked at her reversal on immigration. Hopefully one of them will quit in disgust and spill the beans on what actually transpired in these closed door meeting with the NYT editorial staff and the ethnocentric open borders lobby. I am not making excuses for Gillibrand. I am just saying that what she faced was probably both brutal and completely beyond anything she was prepared for. Certainly Gillibrand was threatened with an all out primary fight next year. I still think she will face one so her capitulation on immigration bought her nothing. She has now came out in favor of Amnesty and CIR which is opposed by the majority of rank and file Democrats. Is she going to change her support for gun ownership too? Furthermore this whole affair has to really piss off many New York African Americans. The NYT has basically told Gov. Paterson that they rejected his pick to fill Hillary's senate seat. That his decision to pick a candidate who would have the broadest statewide appeal in the 2010 election was no good. That one way or another the NYT is going to see to it that Paterson is saddled sharing the ticket in 2010 with a Pro-Open Borders far leftie. That majority of AA's along with working and middle class white and hispanic democrats who oppose open borders can in the opinion of the NYT go to hell. The NYT has basically saw to the emasculating Gov. Paterson and mau-mauing of Gillibrand. In 1993 when Mayor Dinkins realized that if he did not act swiftly to bring in a "Broken Windows" law and order policing program to NYC he was going to lose the election. The NYT was 100% opposed to such thinking. So instead the NYT helped to elect Rudy, their worst nightmare. Now the NYT may possibly ensure the election of Peter King as Senator and Rudy G as Governor. They only consolation to the Slim Times is that they may no longer be in business to complain about it.

She's an idiot, a simpleton, craven -- you just have to watch a bit of the video to see that. Following the PC winds to avoid being called names. No more need be said.

I am disheartened by the S-Chip bill they just passed and the messiah signed yesterday. I watched Rep.Steve King talk about the folly of passing this without making those using prove who they in citizens. The result is they did it anyway and we can look forward to more influx of illegals hoping to take advantage of it, not to mention fleeing the drug fueled chaos in Mexico. I think this move makes our efforts more impossible than ever. As I said before, no thinking person (are there any in congress??) can do these things and not realize they are signing onto the end of this nation as we know it.

or is "it" just beginning....Let's face we haven't put up much of a "fight" up to now......

She is a coward...or a globalist. Take your pick...The government has betrayed us...and I have lost all trust in any of the politicians involved. No we didn't put up much of a fight...but we aren't mind readers. They all have their own agendas....but tell us what we want to hear to get elected. It's always been that way...we are simpletons to expect anything honest anymore. Sorry for being so negative but it's a struggle..