Burdened DHS: 10s of thousands get green cards before background checks

From this:
In a major policy shift aimed at reducing a ballooning immigration backlog, the Homeland Security Department is preparing to grant permanent residency to tens of thousands of applicants before the FBI completes a required background check.

Those eligible are immigrants whose fingerprints have cleared the FBI database of criminal convictions and arrests, but whose names have not yet cleared the FBI's criminal or intelligence files after six months of waiting.

The immigrants who are granted permanent status, more commonly known as getting their green cards, will be expected eventually to clear the FBI's name check. If they don't, their legal status will be revoked and they'll be deported...

..."[Background checking is] a very complicated process," said Bill Carter, a FBI spokesman. "It involves dozens of agencies and databases and often foreign governments."

...Although the FBI clears about 70 percent of the name checks within 72 hours, the bureau struggles to keep up with more than 74,000 requests per week, roughly half arising from immigration applications.
As discussed here, this isn't a good omen for "comprehensive immigration reform".

And, assuming 10,000,000 applicants for amnesty and the present rate of 37,000 per week (only half of their present rate of 74,000 per week are immigration related), that means it would take over five years to process all of those. And, that doesn't take into account those currently in line. If the processing capability was allocated evenly between amnesty applicants and those who are already in line, it would be over ten years before all amnesty applicants had been processed, and that would obviously have a serious impact on those currently in line. And, under the various versions of reform, the DHS had only 24 hours (perhaps 48 hours in one version) to disapprove someone, or they'd be given their "Z-visa". Note that that's less than the 72 hours mentioned above.

All of that leads me to strongly suspect that amnesty applicants would basically be shuttled through the program with minimal checking.

Raising that point and crunching the numbers would make a good line of inquiry if anyone gets to ask Hillary, Obama, or McCain a question. Bringing along a calculator and crunching the numbers as you ask the question would make a very good prop and help drive the point home to those who saw the video.


once more this is not a Nation of laws its a going business. the system has sold us all down the third world river, soon all of you will get that point of fact but the time has come when you can do nothing but say yes or get bent, if you know what i mean. 20 years from now i will be dead but the young ones of today will have nothing and be nothing but totally enslaved people with no right but the right to be sold. the system will take what it wants from you and your kids.

CIR will grant a quick and farcical 'preliminary' clearance and then the pile of paperwork will be processed at glacial pace, portions will accidentally go missing, and eventually there will be an 'Oh scr@w it!' order making all Z-visa holders free and clear. And they have the nerve to claim Z-visas enhance national security! 'We don't know they are'. After CIR, we *still* won't know who they are but all ,including those with sinister purposes, will be equipped with all the rights of LPRs and citizens.

Picture the following but on an even grander scale: 'Reagan's amnesty program, meanwhile, had contained a provision called SAW (Special Agricultural Workers), which conferred resident status on anyone who had worked in agriculture for 90 days during the previous year. While the estimates were that only 250,00 workers would apply for SAW amnesty, more than 1.3 million did, and almost all were routinely approved by the INS. The New York Times reported as early as 1989 that the SAW program was widely described as "one of the most extensive immigration frauds ever perpetrated against the United States government." Vernon Briggs, a Cornell immigration scholar, says that SAW was "massively abused." "Many an urban resident claimed SAW status," writes analyst David North, who did studies for the Urban Institute and the Ford Foundation on the program and specifically uncovered examples of phony "agricultural workers" in Manhattan. He reported that 888,637 legalization applications under SAW and other amnesty sections of the 1986 law were initially denied by INS investigators, though only 60,020 final denials were approved." http://www.villagevoice.com/news/0803,barrett,78878,2.html/full

Amanda, my all time favorite of the SAW amnesty was the Indian guy (from India-type Indian) who was here illegally, owned a motel, and applied for the SAW amnesty and GOT it. IMHO he came here and overstayed a visa. He obviously had access to money. Now did he actually work the 60 or 90 days that was required? Alas, I do not know; but you can bet your life that he never did AgWork after getting the proper paperwork! Another satisfied "customer".

Saw I love the name it just right to saw us up..the fact is the only way out of this evil system is to move and make a new life where monkey will no go, and build a new Nation from the great ideals of 1776, but that will never happen. within 20 years 750 million with 100 whites 350 million hispanics 100 million blacks 200 million from all over the world and others. think that is nut's do you?

"He reported that 888,637 legalization applications under SAW and other amnesty sections of the 1986 law were initially denied by INS investigators, though only 60,020 final denials were approved." That's only 6%. Even if you have conscientious application processors who want to stop fraud, their hands could be tied by what records they are allowed to see or use as evidence. Then even if they give an initial denial, there's no guarantee it will go anywhere. People who theoretically are open to 'pathway to citizenship' need to understand what the reality will look like. That the 'penalties' will total less than what legal immigrants pay now, that the 'learn English' requirement is basically just a promise with no test or verification, that there was no 'pay back taxes' requirement, etc.

No amanda we will be made to learn Mexican within 10 years after Barack makes Amnesty a rule of laws, anyone that will not will not live inside the new world order once known as the USA. By the way the name and flag will be with us for some time but within 40 years that will disappear.

It's the demographic destruction/third world-ization of America, whether they get background checks or not.