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Owner of the limo company that killed 20 ppl over the weekend identified as “Malik” who lives in Dubai.
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From @pr_barnett
@AnnCoulter I live and pastor in the city where 17 of those 20 people killed on Saturday also lived. All were frien…
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From @politeracy
@pr_barnett @AnnCoulter So sorry for the loss. Unimaginable. Lots of families suffering, hopefully you can support…
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From @pr_barnett
@politeracy @AnnCoulter We have thank you. My daughter and son-in-law have just left for the candle vigil being hel…
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.@pr_barnett: @AnnCoulter is using a tragedy to smear anyone named Malik or from Dubai. That's not Christian, but it is today's conservatism.