UFW's anti-American satire: citizens should take illegal aliens' farmworker jobs (Stephen Colbert)

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The United Farmworkers of America are playing a cute, anti-American game (link):

Take Our Jobs - please.

That’s the message from the United Farm Workers union, which is turning the tables on Congress after years of inaction on comprehensive immigration reform.

Through the campaign, United Farm Workers plans to push members of Congress to make a plea to constituents across the country: Put illegal immigrants out of work by working in the fields and packinghouses.

...The campaign “spotlights the immigrant labor issue and underscores the need for reforms without which the domestic agricultural industry could be crippled,” according to a news release from the United Farm Workers.

In their rush to be as anti-American as possible, they've forgotten that vast parts of America are engaged in various forms of farming, with hundreds of thousands of Americans owning or working on farms. They've forgotten about the Okies and all the other non-Mexicans who've worked farms in California and other states. Apparently they think that illegal aliens from Mexico are genetically predisposed to doing farm work. Or, maybe they think that only illegal aliens from Mexico will put up with low safety standards, long hours, and low pay; in that case one wonders why they'd support that situation.

The pro-American alternative is in this open letter to the Center for American Progress that I sent over a year ago. Of course, that would require immigration enforcement first in order to remove the presence of those who UFW founder Cesar Chavez thought of as scabs. And, I'm sure the UFW will support that.

Note that they'll appear on the Stephen Colbert show on July 8; posting comments with a link to this post in their forums might be a good warm-up so his audience knows which side he's on.