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We’re witnessing a political War of the Roses between a husband and wife who were once in love with the idea of bei…
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.@secupp: back in 2011, you asked candidates very weak questions at a Twitter "debate": Now you ask @NunbergSam weak questions on your show. Here's a question I'd like him to answer: what will keep the next pres from tearing down Trump Wall?
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.@NunbergSam: better question: between 0 & 5, how many of those are Trump, his allies, & #MAGA even capable of understanding?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@NunbergSam: 5 smart ways Trump could undercut Liz Warren to her base: Between 0 & 5, how many is he doing?
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.@rogerjstonejr & @NunbergSam say Trump needs a GOP "scalp" to "instill fear" about #GOP not helping with his agenda. #MAGA #resist