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From @RadioFreeTom
I have never made the case for impeaching Trump, despite my belief that he has long merited impeachment. Until now.…
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From @waltshaub
@RadioFreeTom @TheAtlantic This is a great piece, Tom.
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From @RadioFreeTom
@waltshaub @TheAtlantic Thanks, Walt - appreciate that
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From @Steee_ve
@RadioFreeTom @waltshaub @TheAtlantic It even raises, in my mind, at least, a few questions about the president's a…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Steee_ve: for 4+ years, those like @RadioFreeTom have been pushing baby blimps, "Drumpf", and all the other childish things that have only helped Trump. Now they push the impeachment chimera. It's incredibly easy to undercut Trump to his base but they can't figure it out.