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Seth Hettena
San Diego, California
Journalist, author of TRUMP/RUSSIA | Bylines: @newrepublic @nytimes @latimes @rollingstone | Email:
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From @broderick
A Pro-Trump Blog Has Doxed A Chinese Scientist It Falsely Accused Of Creating The #Coronavirus As A Bioweapon…
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From @broderick
At the end of an article that included the scientist's name, photo, email, and a phone number, ZeroHedge told their…
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From @broderick
I’ve reached out to Twitter for clarity on this but it looks like ZeroHedge may have been suspended following my pi…
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From @broderick
Just got a statement from Twitter: The ZeroHedge account was “permanently suspended for violating our platform manipulation policy.”
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From @lindismith
@broderick You should read @seth_hettena timeline for the backstory.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@lindismith: hi Belinda, I didn't look into the #Zerohedge tweets, but @broderick is very, very pro-censorship. Real liberals strongly *oppose* censorship (the defend your right to say it thing). He might also be lying about "doxxing". Did they release any private info?