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Maryland, USA
DayZ & Arma 3 Gamer, Animal Shelter Reform, No Kill Advocate
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From @JonLemire
A rare crisis not of Trump’s own making, the virus has alarmed Americans, many of whom have turned to the Oval Offi…
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From @whatnot1512
@JonLemire "A rare crisis not of Trump’s own making". That is a maybe. As example, I would like to know why the Adm…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Even that weak question is beyond @JonLemire. He's only interested in clickbait; by enabling him you *help* Trump. Make Jon an offer: either he asks tough questions or you'll help discredit him. MT @whatnot1512 I'd like to know why the Admin rejected the test kits from the WHO?