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South City
Mississippian now a pastor’s wife in St. Louis. Grumpy old codger esp about church music & a writer with 4 children. Loves sociology and public education.
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From @sullivanamy
It took two years, but I finally read the directions for my Instant Pot and am ready to make all the things, starti…
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From @emilyjanehubb
@sullivanamy This: and also just throwing vegetables and already cooked/frozen meat in the…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@emilyjanehubb: pardon my non-recipe intrusion, but the #immigration stance of @sullivanamy is un-Christian. She urges people to cross the desert & many die. She'd lower U.S. wages so that a few wealthy (like the Koch bros) can profit. She'd braindrain the Third World.