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Ritchie King
Los Gatos, CA
Data viz @Netflix. Previously @FiveThirtyEight and @qz
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Whoa - the percentage of kids working a summer job is half of what it was when I was a high school lifeguard:
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From @SteveStevethe
@RitchieSKing @RoyBeck_NUSA duh! #tcot The US congress are at home now for 5 weeks. Time to call their local offices.
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.@SteveStevethe: calling local offices is OK, but the way to *solve* the problem is to engage pro-amnesty politicians in debate. #tcot #tgdn
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From @24aheaddotcom
.@SteveStevethe: @RoyBeck_NUSA refuses to send ppl to townhalls to engage politicians in debate ( ). #tcot #tgdn
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From @24aheaddotcom
.@SteveStevethe: instead, @RoyBeck_NUSA is just sending ppl to townhalls to rant. Politicians know how to deal with that. #immigration #tcot