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Phil Ting
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Assemblymember Dad #BudgetChair #API #SF #Enviro #GoSolarSF #Assessor @ResetSF #GoBears
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@PhilTing @Rendon63rd Thanks for co-authoring AB 217!!!
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.@Wolfworks: @PhilTing is as keen on corporate socialism as Trump. He pushes to give Big Biz even more cheap labor, while he pushes everyone in California to pay their workers' healthcare, education, etc. Don't look at the suede-denim facade, look at the bottom line.
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From @PhilTing
As Chair of the Assembly #CaBudget Committee, I’m proud of our proposed state spending plan: increased educationa…
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From @CindyMrtnez
@PhilTing #Latinos remain disproportionately poor (making up 52.8% of poor Californians) #HigherEducation continues…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@CindyMrtnez: everyone in California is negatively impacted by mass legal/illegal immigration (everyone that is except for racial power advocates, Dem leaders, & Big Biz). Choose more racial power or a better educated populace, you can't have both.