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An Accidental Misanthrope
Boston, MA
I'm not an actress, but I play one on TV | Acerbic Gen Xer fueled by coffee, wine, and cynicism | Humblebrags make me 🤬| Dogs are better than most people
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From @ddale8
The photographer who took the ‘04 shot, Jonathan Ferrey, says: “I have a lot of talented colleagues photographing t…
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From @jtreddog
@ddale8 They literally can’t tell the truth about matter how insignificant
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From @gingerventures
@ddale8 Is it possible for them to NOT lie about even the most basic of things? I seriously do not get it. Everythi…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@jtreddog: can you direct us to @ddale8 ever having any impact on Trump? How many things like #DaytonaAirForceOneGate have there been? Did #BadgerGate have any impact? Dale basically *helps* Trump by riling up "The Resistance" over fluff, while Trump helps Big Biz.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@gingerventures: bottom line what @ddale8 does. He harps on meaningless fluff while Trump delivers for Big Biz. His quest for clicks is basically running cover for Trump's Big Biz agenda.