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Robert Allbritton
Washington, DC
Publisher @Politico, Dad of 3, Husband of 1, Jet Pilot, and Coffee Junkie. Not in that order.
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.@R_Allbritton: do you have financial interests that would profit with more #H1B, and does that explain your Melania Trump smear? #Trump2016
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.@R_Allbritton: as owner of #Politico who sold out to #Disney, how much of their stock did you get (if any)? Is that why you're pro-H1B?
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Whoa. See tag #DNCApprovedStory from @NolteNC to get what a HACK job for Dems @politico is. In-kind contribution from @R_Allbritton to Dems!
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.@YossiGestetner: check this out, ask if you have any questions: