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Big fan of Memphis, bow ties, scotch and any order. @jkam12 on the gram
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#BREAK New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern to host summit with French President Emmanuel Macron " in an attempt to bring…
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From @MLHC85
@donie @oneunderscore__ Ban live streaming on Facebook. I can think of no good examples of live streaming on Facebook that benefit anybody.
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@MLHC85 @donie @oneunderscore__ Weddings
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.@jkam12: CNN/NYT/Ardern/Macron/etc (& Breitbart etc if they had power) see social media as a threat to their power/monopoly. They're losing in the marketplace of ideas because they constantly lie (mostly by omission). Thus the hunt for bots, etc. It's always about $ & power.