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BuzzFeed tech reporter. Labor & the human condition. DM to chat on Signal.
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From @ceodonovan
YouTube's handling of this homophobic harassment situation has been so messy that employees are demanding via inter…
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From @gobuxgal
@ceodonovan I asked the same question. And it's a favorite platform for teens.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@gobuxgal: @ceodonovan isn't a liberal, she's just an authoritarian like all the other book burners throughout history. Be a real liberal.
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From @ceodonovan
* something a little off topic from me, but cool * From BBC News To QANon: We Went Down YouTube's Recommendation…
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From @equalandallied1
@ceodonovan EXCERPT | How many clicks through YouTube’s “Up Next” recommendations does it take to go from an anodyn…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@equalandallied1: @ceodonovan is even more of a threat than #MAGA. Both would restrict what people can see if they could. MAGA would turn Youtube into BreitbartTV, she'd turn it into MSMTV. She's much worse because those like her are better able to get their way. #MAGA #resist