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John Morello
Chicago, IL
Retired Professor of History Chamberlain University, Fulbright. Runner. Red Sox fan. Book reviewer. Person of interest/interesting person? Opinions are mine.
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From @MaxBoot
Trump’s lawyers played a bad hand badly. Admittedly, they are handicapped by the inescapable reality that their cli…
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From @JohnMorello7
@MaxBoot @PostOpinions Maybe. But when the President and Mitch McConnell have the jury by the short hairs, just how…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@JohnMorello7: Trump has always been extremely vulnerable to his base. You probably don't get that. @MaxBoot obviously doesn't: he only says things that *help* Trump, enabled by those like you. Do you have any sense of shame or interest in doing a competent job for once?