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BA Linguistics EN/FR/SP. History,Classical Music, QiGong. My dogs 🐾Conrado,Lassie,Camilla,Susie,Mathilda,Peggy,Marcus 〰️JEEPs only 〰Love ALL animals #TRUMP2020
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RT @kausmickey: There is also, of course, the very lively possibility of fraud if DACA is codified--i.e. claiming you came here at age 15 o…
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.@Bertha_S_V: @kausmickey enabled Trump every step of the way even tho it was obvious to me from Day One that Trump was fake. Kaus Coulter Krikorian never worked to give Trump smart plans & arguments that'd put Pelosi/MSM/etc on the defensive. Instead they just helped them.