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luke o'neil
Boston, MA
writes @esquire. sings: no hope/no harm djs: emo night boston. husbands: @mishkafrances
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Re Bourdain tale, @lukeoneil47 also tweets "The best part about this is, as a freelancer, I just spent all day reporting myself out of being able to make money" There's an oversupply of parasites who'll mindlessly flack for the wealthy.
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In Nov 2016, @lukeoneil47 tweeted "The woman who reported [pr0-0n instead of Bourdain show] sent me another pic. Again, sort of believe her, but no way only 1 person saw this if it was Boston wide CNN." We've since learned "the woman" was actually a Kremlin-directed troll.
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Supposed @esquire writer @lukeoneil47 just says "you fat fuck" to Trump:
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.@lukeoneil47: people like you *help* Trump by being no better than him & by not having capacity to engage him in debate & show him wrong.
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.@lukeoneil47: I'm no O'Keefe fan, but #immigration stance of @AdamWeinstein helps USChamber lower wages. More labor = lower wages. #libcrib