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Debs Matthews
Las Vegas, NV
I'm about world peace and children. it's about being a human being and respecting each other.
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From @joshscampbell
The sweeping House intel committee investigation is going to make the Mueller probe feel like 'the good old days' f…
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From @Debbieamatthews
@joshscampbell And if they find nothing. It will cause them to lose big in 2020. They best be careful. Mueller I tr…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Debbieamatthews: hey Debs, in #SOTU Trump referred to crimes criminal aliens (a relatively small subset) commit. @joshscampbell hyped a deceptive Sciutto report about the crimes illegal aliens + legal immigrants (a much larger set) commit. That deception *helps* Trump.