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Bill Melugin
Los Angeles, CA
SoCal native, animal lover & reporter for @FOXLA. Winner of SPJ's national Sigma Delta Chi award & an Edward R. Murrow award. Very proud @Cronkite_ASU grad!
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.@BillFOXLA: I'm sure you're real journo/patriotic citizen so will support engaging leaders in real debate, not @jeffpearlman childish stunt
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.@BillFOXLA: or, engaging Coulter in debate as I want (see my pinned tweet). The childish stunt @jeffpearlman hypes just help AC sell books.
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.@BillFOXLA: being patriotic is hard for some, but I'm sure not for you. Which is more patriotic: the childish stunt @jeffpearlman hypes, or
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MT @BillFOXLA [to @jeffpearlman] Hi Jeff! I'm with FOX11 LA, do you mind if I use [lefty anti-Coulter stunt vid, that helps her sell books]
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@24AheadDotCom_ @BillFOXLA Um, what did I do? Just posted audio of the debate
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@jeffpearlman @24AheadDotCom_ @BillFOXLA Check followers first bro.