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Dr. Neal Johnson
Riverside, CA
Dentist Anesthesiologist, Microbiologist and life science consultant . Love discovering new things. Plant based(vegan). Enjoy CrossFit 🇧🇧
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From @Bossnaj
Seriously @CNN although I strongly believe alternative views need to be heard, why @PARISDENNARD is allowed to talk…
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From @HighheelsDes
@Bossnaj @CNN @PARISDENNARD @POTUS Between Paris & @CortesSteve I SMH when I hear them. It’s shameful. #CNN
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Engage them in debate about real issues using my questions if you want to send a message directly to Trump. Eg, ask Cortes questions based on how Trump Wall would fail miserably. See my posts about that. MT @HighheelsDes [I SMH when I hear] Paris & @CortesSteve