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Jake Brown
West Coast & East Coast, Nova Scotia
Radical SOB, Followed by Rosanna Arquette, Nils Lofgren, Edward James Olmos, Yoko Ono, Al Franken, Marlee Maitlin
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From @cspanwj
.@AnnCoulter on her "screaming match" with the President as reported by the Washington Examiner: "The one moment […
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From @JakeBrownArt
@cspanwj @cspan @AnnCoulter Ann, SHHHhhhhhhhh...
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From @24aheaddotcom_
No real liberal wants to silence opponents. For some reason Twitter has elevated your illiberal, pro-censorship tweet yet, instead of trying your best to show her wrong (very easy for me) you just show how degraded you are. MT @JakeBrownArt [Ann Coulter], SHHHhhhhhhhh...