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Ben Kinlaw
Barnwell, SC
Businessman, Proudly Served my Country in the U.S.A.F.
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From @BudgetHawks
How Much Will #Medicare4All cost? @BernieSanders 2016 plan was estimated by many groups and would have cost around…
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From @TrafficMac
@BudgetHawks @BernieSanders If a person without insurance gets taken to the emergency room and they can’t pay, that…
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From @bekinlaw
@TrafficMac @BudgetHawks @BernieSanders That's in theory, we know in actuality, it doesn't work that way.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
If you want to have an actual debate about that, then shame/discredit those who have access to pols but just ask them fluff questions. I.e., #DemDebate. MT @bekinlaw [it doesn't work that way] @TrafficMac [UHC] means people can be treated sooner at less expensive locations