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Daniel Wessel
Washington, DC
Deputy War Room Director @DNCWarRoom @TheDemocrats
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From @donie
DNC says Facebook is protecting the president by not fact-checking ads. “Instead of accepting responsibility and p…
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From @grannyclear
@donie @da_wessel FB should be considered a dis-infomation outlet. Most who care about getting truthful info have d…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
The much bigger sin is being a sucker for lies (as you admit) & needing Mark Zuckerberg to decide what's true (ditto). MT @grannyclear FB should be considered a dis-infomation outlet...You'd need to be pretty uninformed to use a media that admits it allows ad to lie to you
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From @patdennis
RT @da_wessel: Luntz: "Now, everyone say one thing you're thankful for" Rubio: "We never did get to immigration"
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.@da_wessel: can you ask @patdennis why American Bridge only does sleazy gaffes & is incapable of intellectually engaging opponents? #ows