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If at first you don't pancake... pancake, pancake again.
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From @peterjhasson
.@IHOP Boycotts @TuckerCarlson But Not Saudi Arabia via @dailycaller
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From @peterjhasson
IHOP cited its company values in boycotting Tucker's show. They would not say how those values match up with profit…
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From @HoddyHarrington
@peterjhasson @DailyCaller This sort of tyranny (the PC demand for boycotting by advertisers) seemed welcome in ear…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@HoddyHarrington: @peterjhasson doxxed Sleeping Giants way back in July, yet they're still at it. Think about things logically: if Peter were doing effective things, would SG keep succeeding at what they do? Instead of enabling him, demand he do effective things.