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acorn (46)united nations (31)factcheck (29)
council on foreign relations (15)americans for prosperity (13)politifact (11)
snopes (10)judicial watch (10)gallup (10)
answer (10)cpac (8)club for growth (8)
naacp (8)matt kibbe (7)human rights watch (6)
american bar association (5)moveon (5)progressnow (5)
organization of american states (4)davos (4)we are change (4)
sam adams alliance (4)john birch society (3)human rights campaign (3)
open society institute (3)economic roundtable (3)public policy institute of california (3)
jimmy wales (3)center for constitutional rights (3)al qaeda (2)
international criminal court (2)national education association (2)media research center (2)
national rifle association (2)fiscal policy institute (2)national league of cities (2)
american federation of teachers (2)american legion (2)world health organization (2)
american health care association (2)committee for justice (2)rock the vote (2)
familiesusa (2)randall terry (2)national peoples action (2)
code pink (2)heartland institute (2)national employment law project (2)
united neighborhood organization (1)family violence prevention fund (1)center for national security studies (1)
socialist international (1)alliance for climate protection (1)league of conservation voters (1)
national audubon society (1)new democracy project (1)american association of justice (1)
american journalism center (1)accuracy in media (1)reform institute (1)
arkansas family coalition (1)big brothers of america (1)world vision (1)
one campaign (1)oxfam america (1)iraq veterans against the war (1)
american issues project (1)planned parenthood (1)glaad (1)
gay and lesbian center (1)american constitution society (1)institute for public accuracy (1)
womens refugee commission (1)virginia municipal league (1)national association of counties (1)
nurse alliance leadership council (1)ethics and public policy center (1)clean elections institute (1)
veterans of foreign wars (1)vets for freedom (1)students for a democratic society (1)
wade rathke (1)aspen institute (1)california endowment (1)
milken institute (1)redcross (1)cspi (1)
national abortion federation (1)ywca (1)health care for america now (1)
phrma (1)aarp (1)advanced medical technology association (1)
american medical association (1)tom jensen (1)public policy polling (1)
national urban league (1)american petroleum institute (1)public citizen (1)
ruckus society (1)sunlight foundation (1)participatory politics foundation (1)
san diego county bar (1)powerpac (1)united states student association (1)
napawf (1)american rights at work (1)fairness and accuracy in reporting (1)