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Yet another reason not to trust Erika Johnsen of HotAir (Illinois, taxes, Gallup) - 05/03/14

Erika Johnsen of HotAir and other fiscal conservatives have a habit of showing their low level of patriotism by turning their backs on their fellow citizens in California.

Bogus Gallup poll does not show more support for mass immigration legalization - 02/17/14

Do the latest results of a Gallup poll (link) show that the public is moving more towards support of mass legalization of illegal aliens? While those with a pro-comprehensive immigration reform agenda might like to think that or make you think that, the answer is no. Not only that, but Gallup itself is showing their bias by misleading about the interpretation of their own results. Five times since 2006, Gallup has been asking this question:

Gallup: just 20% more likely to vote for Mitt Romney due to his "47%" comments (even with Romney-friendly wording) - 09/19/12

As it turns out, anti-American libertarian concepts about moochers and producers aren't too popular with the Americans. According to a new Gallup poll (link), just 20% say Mitt Romney's "47%" comments make them more likely to vote for him.

Teaparty: 52% unfavorable, just 35% favorable (WaPo ABC poll) (socialism gets 36% favorable) - 01/19/11

[See the March 2011 update below] Per their enablers, the tea parties are as American as apple pie with a U.S. flag on top. So, why do many Americans have an unfavorable opinion of them? According to a new Washington Post / ABC News poll (link), just 35% of Americans have a favorable opinion of the teaparty movement, down from 38% in September 2010 and from 41% in March 2010. Meanwhile, their unfavorable rating has jumped to 52%, from a low of 39% in March 2010. Only 16% are strongly favorable on the teaparties. If the partiers were as mainstream and all-American as they say, wouldn't their...

Gallup: Tea partiers think debt more a threat than terrorism; aligned with Republicans on most issues - 07/05/10

According to a new Gallup poll (link), those in the tea parties movement are aligned with Republicans on most issues. And, asked to name "Extremely Serious Threats", they (first number) and their opponents (second number), say: * "Federal government debt": 61% 29% * "Terrorism": 51% 29% * "The size and power of the federal government": 49% 12% * "Healthcare costs": 41% 33% * "Illegal immigration": 41% 14% * "Unemployment": 35% 32% * "The decision to have U.S. troops in Iraq/Afghanistan": 24% 22% * "The size and power of large corporations": 16% 32% * "The environment, including global warming...

Gallup poll: Hispanics 2-to-1 for Democrats both before and after Arizona immigration law - 06/11/10

From a new Gallup poll (link): Hispanic voters nationwide haven't shifted their congressional voting preferences since the signing of Arizona's new immigration law on April 23. Their preference for the Democratic candidate over the Republican candidate, 61% to 32%, in April 23 to June 8 interviewing almost identically matches the 60% to 32% margin recorded between March 1 and April 22. White voters and black voters also haven't changed their voting intentions. Bear in mind, of course, that this was a nationwide poll and wasn't of, say, Mexican-Americans in Arizona or Southern California....

Gallup: Americans more favorable on Egypt than Mexico; 62% of young favorable on China; more - 02/19/10

Gallup asked Americans whether their "overall opinion" of various countries was favorable or not, and the results are here. First, it needs to be pointed out that asking for someone's opinion of a whole country should be meaningless: is the opinion about their current leadership, what they'd be like if the leadership changed, or what?

Gallup poll: 50% of Americans want immigration decreased (was 39% last year) - 08/09/09

According to Gallup (link): Half (50%) say immigration should be decreased, up from 39% last year. A third (32%) say immigration levels should be kept the same, down from 39%, and 14% say they should be increased, down from 18%... Currently, 58% say [immigration] is a good thing -- the lowest percentage saying so since 2003. The historical low for this measure, 52%, came in 2002, after the 9/11 attacks. Not only that, but 44% of Democrats and 46% of independents want immigration decreased.

Ed Morrissey makes reasonable albeit unrealistic case for tea parties - 04/15/09

Ed Morrissey of HotAir links to a new Gallup poll called "Views of Income Taxes Among Most Positive Since 1956" (link) and opines [1]: If 48% believe that their taxes are just right, it might be because that’s the exact same percentage that will pay zero in the near future, according to Barack Obama’s tax policies. With Obama’s emphasis on refundables, 48.7% of Americans will wind up paying no income tax at all. For them, zero is the right amount, and they have no reason to be unhappy... yet ...Unfortunately, in a short period of time, even those people will have to start paying taxes, and...

Gallup poll: 49% want immigration decreased - 07/22/04

Here's the main findings of a new Gallup poll ( only 14% of Americans wanting to see immigration increased; another 33% want it kept at the present level while 49% want it decreased. In a more detailed question: