Teaparty, conservative groups oppose anti-illegal immigration bill (eVerify, HR 2885)

One of the main reasons I oppose the tea parties is because they're useful idiots for loose borders hacks: libertarians, fiscal conservatives, corporate tools, and so on. A good example comes in an open letter that a group of Teaparty, conservative, and libertarian groups published in Politico opposing HR 2885, the Legal Workforce Act. That bill would make eVerify mandatory for most employers in the U.S., something that would probably lead to much less illegal immigration and something like attrition.

Do see the list of signatories at [1] with links to background information on them, and part of their screed is at [2].

Obviously, there are reasonable objections to the bill, but intent matters. And, some of those signing on to the letter or otherwise involved are not exactly on the side of reducing illegal immigration. While some of them might actually mean their opposition to a "National ID Card", and some others might partially mean it, others would appear to be just using the issue to push another agenda.

It would be possible to oppose both eVerify and illegal immigration, but I'm not aware of much evidence of anyone on the list doing much about the second. The closest might be Tea Party Nation, but anything they do has to be filtered through the blurry, very low-wattage Teaparty lens: they simply aren't capable of taking effective steps like those promoted here for years.

Don't trust those whose idea of "liberty" involves loose borders, whether unwittingly or not.

[1] Signatories (affiliations as given at takebackwashington.org/Clint_s_Open_Letter_html.html). Make sure and see the links:

* Take Back Washington
Kathryn Serkes, Founder

* Tea Party Nation
Judson Phillips, Founder
Note: one of the main Teaparty groups

* Washington D.C. Tea Party
Thomas Whitmore, Founder

* Kitchen Table Patriots
Ana Puig & Anastasia Przybylski Co-Founders
Note: that's a teaparty group; see her on the Fox News video below alongside Matt Kibbe of FreedomWorks. On the video she says that those in her group are leaning towards Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann for president, calling them "true conservatives". Perry is, needless to say, very bad on immigration.

* Liberty Coalition
Michael Ostrolenk, National Director
Note: Their "partners" include Grover Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform and the American Civil Liberties Union. Norquist and the ACLU are very bad on immigration.

* Institute for Liberty
Andrew Langer, President
Note: see Tea Party used to push corporate agenda

* Competitive Enterprise Institute
Alex Nowrasteh, Policy Analyst
Note: strongly supports loose borders

* American Freedom Agenda
Bruce Fein, President
Note: associated with Richard Viguerie

* American Policy Center
Tom DeWeese, President

* Republican Liberty Caucus
Dave Nalle, National Chairman
Note: loose borders libertarians

* Hispanic Leadership Fund
Mario Lopez, President

* GOProud
Jimmy LaSalvia Executive Director

* Eagle Forum, Palm Springs Chapter
Christine Michas, Founder/President
Note: it's not known whether she's speaking for the entire organization

* Washington State Campaign for Liberty
Alex Rion, President
Note: Campaign for Liberty is affiliated with Ron Paul

* Tony DeMott, Michigan State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

* Downsize DC
Jim Babka, President

* Rutherford Institute
John Whitehead, President

* Floridians Against REAL ID
Paul Henry, Executive Director

* Secure Arkansas
Jeannie Burlsworth, Chairwoman

* November Patriots
Richard D. Fry, Founder

* Taxpayers Protection Alliance
David Williams, President

* Gun Owners of America
Paul Garfield, Michigan Representative,

* Constitutional Alliance
Mark Lerner, President

* Take Back Kentucky
Norman Davis, Founder

* U.S. Bill of Rights Foundation
Dane Von Breichenruchardt

* Conservative Rebublican Women
Sahar Hekmati, President

* Able Americans
Melissa Ortiz, Founder

* American Grassroots Coalition
Jennifer Hulsey, Co-Founder

[2] From takebackwashington.org/Clint_s_Open_Letter_html.html

We, the undersigned national and state pro-freedom, limited government, and Constitutional government organizations, representing millions of Americans, encourage you to vote against the proposed “E-Verify” system established by H.R. 2885, the “Legal Workforce Act” that mandates the use of an electronic employment verification system by every employer in the U.S. for every person seeking employment in the U.S.

We are alarmed that E-Verify poses a threat to both the Constitution and every law-abiding citizen of this country because it:

1. Creates a de facto national I.D. System - even for citizens;

2. Violates individual civil liberties such as the right to work and free speech;

3. Mandates a costly job-killing regulatory burden that cripples small business

4. Requires employers to become enforcement agents of the federal government;

5. Encourages identify theft of law-abiding citizens;