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Marshall Littleton
Idabel, OK. USA
Write poems and song lyrics, Surrealism art, social conservative. founder 10th legion. Actor of the year my Jr. year in High School. Been licensed AofG.
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BE VERY AFRAID: "Trump's State of the Union will offer 'bipartisan way forward on immigration,'" A new, visionary c…
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From @10thlegion
@kausmickey @AnnCoulter This seems to be the pattern, (sigh).
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.@10thlegion: I've written 1000s of anti-amnesty posts since 2002 & I knew from Day One that Trump was 100% fake. @kausmickey & @AnnCoulter enabled Trump until he impacted their grifting. Did either oppose Trump's amnesty when it was obvious to me that Trump supported amnesty?