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Peace & Love. Mr. Donald J Trump is our President. Making America Great Again. Married. Christian, Conservative, 2A Defender.
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From @nytimes
President Trump's disparaging words for Haiti and Africa have caused outrage worldwide
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From @DarLovesAmerica
@nytimes So outraged that they won't take our billions of dollars in our charitable donations? Don't demand anythin…
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From @PoliticalAnt
@DarLovesAmerica @nytimes Africans and Haitians have no obligation whatsoever to give bigoted @realDonaldTrump a pa…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@PoliticalAnt: #shithole is idiotic. However, when a Haitian doctor moves to the USA, what happens at the same time? Does the USA just gain a doctor and that's that, or does something else happen at the same time?