Republican Liberty Caucus is a cruel joke on California

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The "Republican Liberty Caucus" ("RLC") is a nationwide, independent group of libertarians that present themselves as the "Conscience of the Republican Party". Think of them as a more established, slightly saner, slightly more principled, non-"NeoCon" version of the tea parties. Their policies - like those of other libertarians - are also a cruel joke, especially on California.

Like other libertarians, one of their policies - open borders [1] - renders all of their other policies moot. The loose/open borders they support sharply reduces the chances that we'll ever have limited government because those being allowed to immigrate to the U.S. in one way or another simply don't support limited government. And, anyone who lives in or has spent time in California has seen the impacts of porous borders: a society dividing into rich and poor with a dwindling number in between, increased pollution, increased traffic, school crowding, foreign citizens being allowed to take educational resources from Americans, and, of course, billions upon billions spent on educating the citizens of other countries or their children and providing other social services.

A good majority of those coming here through our current porous borders are low-skilled, low-wage workers (and their spouses and their children). Not only do they use social welfare services (broadly defined) at a higher rate than higher-wage workers, but they form a power base for the Democratic Party and the far-left. That massive immigration also forms a power base inside the U.S. for the Mexican government, with several past or present members of the California legislature acting like little more than agents of that government: Fabian Nunez, Gil Cedillo, and so on.

In summary, one of the libertarian policies of the RLC greatly helps their opponents (and a foreign government) gain power inside the U.S. and leads to more spending and less (in their minds) liberty.

If the RLC were in touch with reality they'd make ending the welfare state a necessary pre-condition to open borders. That way, we could just sit back and wait while they ended the welfare state (against the wishes of the vast majority of Americans). Then, we could all declare utopia and have the open borders they want.

The California chapter is having their convention on Friday, March 18, in Sacramento. If you're in the area, go make the above points to them, and point out that their election results [2] are only going to get worse.


Peaceful diplomatic relations, free trade and open borders enhance the ability of citizens to travel, engage in international commerce and support the pursuit of liberty everywhere in the world.

Presumably they mean what's called around here "loose borders". Around here, "open borders" means anyone - drywall hanger or terrorist - could cross into the U.S. at any time with no restrictions. Presumably, they only support loose borders where terrorists and criminals would be screened out. Although, when speaking of libertarians, it's not clear whether they'd even be willing to do that.

[2] The California chapter's endorsements are at . All of those listed lost in the general election:

Pelosi: 80%
Dennis: 15%

Garamendi: 59%
Clift: 38%

Napolitano: 73%
Vaughn: 27%

Beall: 62%
Chandler: 38%

Monning: 66.8%
Black: 33.2%

Not even a cutesy viral video of Nancy Pelosi as the "Wicked Witch of the West" could save Dennis ( the original apparently got a million views before it was pulled; a copy is at ).