Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman to appear at Tea Party Nation convention (Nashville, February 2010)

In February 2010, Sarah Palin will be the keynote speaker for the "First National Tea Party Convention" to be held in Nashville, Tennessee (CNN writeup here; Michelle Bachmann will also be speaking.

This is yet more not-so-great news since as far as I know Palin had not previously reached out to the tea parties. As discussed at the link, the "parties" are electorally, intellectually, and emotionally lacking in various ways, and being associated with them would do Palin more harm with the wider electorate than any benefits she'd obtain from being associated with those who are extreme fiscal conservatives.

The vast majority of Americans - as shown by the election results in every relevant race - have overwhelmingly rejected libertarian candidates, and in almost all cases the libertarian has gotten very little support. Given that a majority of Republicans support New Deal programs such as Social Security, it makes little sense to conduct a Randroid Outreach. And, as I type this, no doubt every DNC hack in the country is scouring and related sites for anything that can be used against Palin.

And, while one of TPN's "strategic partners" is Peter Gadiel's, another is American Majority ( which per them was "was conceived by the Sam Adams Alliance". The latter group may have links to the Koch family. Looking for direct links between the "Kochtopus" or FreedomWorks and TPN is left as an exercise.


"its all a game", if the tea party people run Palin against obama we will have 4 more years of some african ruler in the white house if palin by an act of god gets the office of the president she will get us all bent over by the hispanic power boys in fact its a no win all around. if ANY of the boys had any kind of sense the boys would run some guy who was able to tell the people the real facts of life and not the BS. And attack obama on all his ideals and take the USA Back to the real world but that will not happen until we are overrun by our enemies and we have to make a last stand for our lives here in the USA.

So I guess they don't actually drink any or much tea at these 'parties'. I think these events will continue to be fodder for the jibes and ridicule of the 'liberal media'. But politicians do have to get re-elected, and we do (still) have secret ballots, meaning people can vote like a 'tea-partyer' without fear of said ridicule, so who knows? They may in the end have some effect.

I have an idea, let's pretend there are a whole bunch of real honest people who want to do the right thing and run this country right, Where do we think we will find such a group? Hint: Real producers make things and get things. You may never hear of them not sadly know them. They are out there, but sadly their days are numbered and who maybe left are closing shop. You see that is what happens when a country only wants to hear what they want to hear and not the truth. The world doesn't want producers, but it knows it can't live without them. Soon the word won't have that choice.