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Louise Petronsky
Western NY
Retired Hospice RN. Sister, wife, mother of 2 darling daughters. Cancer survivor. Cat lover, gardener. No DM
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From @mehdirhasan
“Ivanka Trump Is A Senior Adviser To The President. She Should Be Asked Tough Questions” - my latest for ⁦…
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From @marry_ilona
@mehdirhasan @theintercept @IvankaTrump My guess is before she would agree to appear she had to be provided with th…
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From @PetronskyLouise
@marry_ilona @mehdirhasan @theintercept @IvankaTrump I think you are correct. She would never have agreed to come o…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@marry_ilona: any skilled pro-Trump leader would turn @mehdirhasan 's cheap questions around on the questioner & just score points with MAGA. There are actually tough questions - like how the "wall" would fail - but Mehdi daren't ask those lest billionaires object.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@PetronskyLouise: RNC could come up with "answers" to the very weak @mehdirhasan questions in their sleep. They'd turn it into MAGA rally. "What happens to Trump's wall when he's out of office" (fleshed out) is an actual tough question. Trump won because no one ever asked it.