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Leah Wiley
Veteran...try to do right by everyone...God Family 3 Best Friends...No DM unless family, friends OR POTUS! #MAGA #KAG #USN The Blue Ghost
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RT @wdchongjr: @Cyndi52155 @LatinaJuanita @Lwbayfront @GrimKarl @Comey The wall will save you money. We spend 115 BILLION a year on illega…
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Actually it won't. Whatever Trump spends on it will be wasted when a future admin tears it down. You'd spend billions, all to continue illegal #immigration. MT @ac697f3740bd4d9 RT @wdchongjr: @Cyndi52155 @LatinaJuanita @Lwbayfront @GrimKarl The wall will save you money