Arianna Huffington and Baby Blumenthal

Did you think the low-point of Huffington Post came when Randall Robinson uttered these memorable words?

It is reported that black hurricane victims in New Orleans have begun eating corpses to survive.

Well, you're only part right. While it's extremely difficult to find an actual low point of the sexy Greek goddess' site, a contender must be Max Blumenthal - the son of Sid Blumenthal - called by Marc Cooper a "featherweight tyro and designated puncher for enraged but impotent Democrats" here.

There's even a direct connection between Max and Randy. Shortly after the cannibalism charge, Sid Jr. offered "The Right Plays the Race-Card, Randall Robinson Unwittingly Indulges Them". Max stepped in as a bit of a White Savior, trying to offer Randy a lesson.

Obviously, almost everyone didn't believe Robinson's tasty charge; it didn't confirm our hidden suspicions about "those people." It simply provided yet another chance to laugh at Arianna and her crew.

Continuing his winning streak, Max now offers us "Bill Bennett, White Savior". He educates us about "closet racists" and "their codes", and diagnoses Bennett as being a "White Savior". Has the HuffPost no shame, have they no shame?

From young Max's bio:

Max Blumenthal is a Nation Institute Puffin Foundation Writing Fellow whose work regularly appears in the Nation. He has also written for The American Prospect,, and the Washington Monthly. He received the Online Journalism Award for best independent feature in 2003 from the Online Journalism Association and the University of Southern California's Annenberg School of Communications. He is a Research Fellow at Media Matters for America.


Max is apparently too dumb to tell the difference between an anti-abortion fanatic and a "closet racist". Almost everyone seems to forget that what Bennett was doing at the time was attacking the thesis of Steven Leavitt's best-selling book Freakanomics. Leavitt claimed that Roe v Wade brought about a dramatic fall in the future crime rate through its facilitation of the aborting of black(presumably underclass) babies.