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Danielle Wiener-Bronner IRL. Covering the food sector for @CNNBusiness. Previously @Reuters, @HuffingtonPost, @TheAtlantic, etc. Email:
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امنه خان (a.k.a. jay) ☪️/🏳️‍🌈/⚧'s avatar
From @jaythenerdkid
so, uh, OH MY GOD through a long and convoluted series of events, this tweet thread of mine from 2016 ended up in…
امنه خان (a.k.a. jay) ☪️/🏳️‍🌈/⚧'s avatar
From @jaythenerdkid
you can read the interview with @dwbronner (which I had completely forgotten about because I did it three years ago…
24AheadDotCom_'s avatar
From @24aheaddotcom_
.@jaythenerdkid: @dwbronner is so incredibly dim she thinks Chipotle raising burrito prices $0.05 is an argument against Trump's tariffs. She & the rest of CNN are too incredibly dim to figure out where Trump's tariffs are incredibly vulnerable.
Paul R. La Monica's avatar
From @LaMonicaBuzz
Beyond Poultry? @dwbronner takes a look at KFC's possible plans to introduce a plant-based chicken item to its menu…
24AheadDotCom_'s avatar
From @24aheaddotcom_
.@LaMonicaBuzz: @dwbronner blogs "Chipotle could raise burrito prices by 5¢ if Mexico tariffs become permanent". Go to a union hall is PA & explain her to unemployed steel workers. Not only is she a NeoLiberal hack, she isn't smart enough to realize where Trump is weak.