Illegal aliens and social security

John McCain has recently complained that a Mitt Romney ad was misleading about his record in regards to illegal aliens receiving Social Security benefits. From the ad, as discussed on Fox News Sunday (link):

McCain pushed to let every illegal immigrant stay here permanently. He even voted to allow illegals to collect Social Security.

As Chris Wallace points out, that's misleading. However, it's only misleading in the temporal sense, and the ad should have said something like:

"McCain would wave a magic wand, rapidly convert millions of former illegal aliens into legal workers with a massive amnesty, and then give them Social Security benefits."

Kaus' rounds up the effects of the McCain-Kennedy scheme here:

illegals wouldn't have to pay fines and wait to become citizens to get Social Security. They'd qualify for Social Security almost immediately, as soon has they got their quickie "probationary" Z-visas. But most might not get credit for earlier work done here illegally, at least immediately. That depends on whether you're talking about the 2006 McCain or the 2007 McCain.

He also has a long excerpt from an email Mark Krikorian sent him with the details; he also briefly mentions the separate issue of the Mexico-U.S. Totalization Agreement.


What no politician will say as they argue over whether to reward the invaders with social security, is that besides having our money confiscated what we natives get in return, whether we want it or not, is _social insecurity_.

Voting record for McCain: Votes with the party 87.7% of the time, but take note of his votes against the party since 1991. When the issue is SS benefits to illegal aliens? When it's about amnesty, limiting legal or illegal immigration, or protecting us from illegal aliens, gang members, terrorists, and identity thieves, he votes democrat every time. Chain migration, drivers licenses, free health care, in-state tuition? Border defense and law enforcement? 100% not-a-republican. No wonder other dem's are afraid of him. McCain is a better democrat than any of their democrats. McCain's decade long history as champion for the illegal alien slave trade hasn't changed. No matter what this weeks sales pitch is, same old McCain.

To consider SS for mexican nationals is clearly TREASON. WTF else is it? It sure as hell isnt in the best interest of an American citizen. We should be ashamed of this current generation of leaders and what they did with our Country that was handed to them on a silver platter. Imagine how it feels to have risked your life or lost a loved one to defend this great Country, only to have this kind of crap take place. They didnt fight for open borders damn it!