Eric Garcetti responds to Charlotte Unite The Right violence

Los Angeles city Mayor Eric Garcetti - as much a mealy-mouthed empty suit dim bulb as his predecessor Antonio Villaraigosa has spoken out against the violent incident in Charlottesville, Virginia following a "Unite The Right" rally.

Per a Garcetti statement:

The shocking violence in Charlottesville - and the abhorrent ideology behind it - have no place in America or anywhere in the world. Angelenos and people everywhere condemn these acts of hatred, and are deeply saddened by the loss of life and injuries suffered today. We stand with Mayor Signer and everyone in his city with hope and prayers for peace to be restored.

Condemning violence is healthy, but ideas that don't involve threats and so on are a different matter entirely.

Since various ideologies were involved - white supremacists, white nationalists, Alt Right factions, the KKK, Southern Pride types, etc., etc. the first question is which ideology Garcetti considers "abhorrent". All of those movements, in all respects?

The next question is, what would Garcetti do about it? Since he says those ideologies have no place, would he outlaw them? Would he engage in other forms of force designed to silence dissent, such as "doxing" people or trying to get them fired for personal beliefs? Many on the fascist far-left would do away with the First Amendment if they could; would Garcetti meekly go along with them or present a meek opposition? Who'd decide which ideologies are allowed and which should be prohibited?

Whatever way Garcetti chose to do it, he'd move to quash debate. And, quashing debate is one of the major factors leading to the rise of far-right groups. The last thing Garcetti would do is try to engage the "Unite The Right" types in debate and show them wrong. He'd just use forms of force that encouraged even more to consider the Alt Right to be an option.

Remember that as Garcetti's handlers position him for a higher office.