"An Education in Expansion"

The LAT has a 1726 word article about Los Angeles' answer to the Big Dig. From "An Education in Expansion" (link):
Using a combination of aggressive real estate negotiations, political gamesmanship and eminent domain, the Los Angeles Unified School District is scooping up hundreds of acres of land in a $14-billion campus building program that will result in enough new classroom seats to fill Dodger Stadium three times over.

When the program is completed in 2012, officials say, they will be close to ending overcrowding in the district, boosting academic performance and remaking neighborhoods. Some call it the largest public works project in the western United States - possibly rivaled in the nation only by Boston's $14.6-billion highway tunnel project known as the "Big Dig."

...The district hasn't been in the business of erecting schools for years. Most campuses were built before 1960, and for decades, they mostly sufficed. Then, in the 1980s, district enrollment began to swell past capacity...
Gosh, why could that be? I don't know, because the LAT won't tell me.

However, I do have this article: Immigration fuels school-building frenzy (link):
yet when the project is officially completed in eight years, it won't be enough. That $10 billion will buy 162,000 seats, but projections are that, by 2012, the district will need an additional 33,700 seats...
Why isn't the LAT covering this massive subsidy to those who employ "cheap" labor? Many of the students in the LAUSD are the children of "cheap" laborers and illegal aliens. Shouldn't the employers pay the true cost for that "cheap" labor, rather than shoving the ancillary costs off on the rest of us?

And, shouldn't the LAT be covering those issues?

Let's all send an email to Readers.Rep *at* latimes.com and ask.

On a side note, I suggest also looking at who passed the school bond in question. It only passed by 20,000 or so votes. If San Francisco County had voted like the rest of California, it would have failed. However, the "liberals" in S.F. pushed it over the top.

(Via reason . com/hitandrun/2004/11/the_luxury_of_l.shtml)


Post Script: The, "Wake Up America" show is out of Las Vegas(M-Th at 11:00p.m. on--chances of getting on-air are good.

American Patrol site announced a group is setting up an 18 acre civilian border site. Asking for volunteers added present civilian patrols. Might want to keep up with news on that web site as is good and timely.

Agreed! Doing the same thing in San Diego County! Researched and figured out, the socialists legislators, teachers unions, developers, and construction types hopped on the train to get all the idiots to pass the Bonds. I tried, but too many on their money pot schemes--off taxpayers. To top it off, they escalated the land ...and building costs involved.

Agree, put the those not paying taxes, green cards, & illegals on double shifts and force them back to where they came from! I tried to stop the socialists spending.

The key is cutting off use of our moneys...getting their hands out of our pockets!! That is the solution. How??? Ways???
Definitely, need a federal law: 20
years here as a citizen or get zero govt. benefts. usage! Get all these asses who have come in here to use us to take care of their own tribe... pay taxes for own tribe and by surname if need be!

Some family members are leaving CA before Christmas season because tired of putting up with all this immigration garbage and said they're not going to pay for it.

From 10:00p.m. to 2:00 a.m. is " Take Back America" talk radio show which talks about immigration problems to us. (also, noon is Geo. Putnam a fine gentleman who talks about the top every week day).

It is sure to be one of the biggest municipal ratholes that money taken by aggression was ever thrown down. An additional place just elicits more day care recipients to be brought in from the third world. They ought to run double sessions so as not to provide any additional incentive to bring more welfare cases in from where they are now housed more cheaply, in places like Mexico.