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The QAnon Anonymous Podcast chops & screws the best conspiracy theories of the post-truth era. Hosted by @JulianFeeld @Travis_View @RealRockatansky
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From @travis_view
NEW from me for the @washingtonpost: You Brainworms Motherfuckers Aren't Helping That was the working headline, a…
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From @XavierS05873892
@travis_view @QanonAnonymous @washingtonpost Few conspiracy theories get far fetched but this article doesn’t help…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@XavierS05873892: WaPo pushes Bezos' agenda, Intercept Omidyar's, Atlantic Jobs', NYT Slim's, etc. etc. Point out to those taken in how very pro-Big Biz those like @travis_view are. And, point out he serves Putin's agenda too: Putin wants USA to restrict freedoms.
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From @sophcw
I got to talk about that time I worked at the Bohemian Grove on this podcast. Thanks for having me on!
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From @SlowMoneyGreen
@sophcw @QanonAnonymous Dude, I’ve been to Bohemian Grove a dozen times, first as a child, then later as an adult g…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
So, @sophcw & Alex Jones got you to mock concerns about the impacts billionaires & their lackeys have on the world. Mock this tweet too, to further help them. MT @SlowMoneyGreen I’ve been to Bohemian Grove a dozen times...sad it had to be Alex Jones’ opening play into stupidland