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Timothy McBride
St Louis, MO
Bernard Becker Professor, WUSTL. Health Economist. Co-Director, Center for Health Economics and Policy, IPH @chep_iph Views my own.
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RT @mcbridetd: Is it time to confront the reality Michael Bloomberg put front and center: that @realDonaldTrump is insane?…
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.@littelilydo @mcbridetd: if Trump promised to harm American workers by flooding USA with H1Bs, Bloomberg would praise him. #uniteblue
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Kasich gambit is ridiculous: It is mathematically impossible for him to win 1,237 delegates.
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From @mcbridetd
@JRubinBlogger Jennifer, but his gamble is to keep Trump from winning on first ballot. Then they turn to him on 2nd ballot.
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.@mcbridetd: just FYI, @JRubinBlogger can't think inside or outside the box: #NeverTrump #Trump2016