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Yet another illegal alien march against HR 4437 - 02/23/06

This one was on Long Island and featured on the other side: - Luis Valenzuela, executive director of the Long Island Immigrant Alliance, ("an immigrant advocacy group") - Hempstead Village Deputy Mayor Henry Conyers - Edison Severino of the Manhattan-based Local 78 of the Asbestos, Lead and Hazardous Waste Laborers Reporting was by Bart Jones of Newsday. And, they've got a cute new talking point! "We're here on George Wash

Newsday's Bart Jones wins award! - 01/21/06

This site extends congratulations to Long Island Newsday's Bart Jones over being selected as a co-winner of the Third Annual VDARE.COM Worst Immigration Coverage Award. He was selected for his work on that paper's "Immigration Q&A" column, and his co-author Mae Cheng shares the award. Note that Jones' news reports have been featured here in the past. While he's shown his not-completely biased side, his reportage has been pretty horrific.

Bart Jones of Long Island Newsday reporting... on media bias? - 07/12/05

Now that's a twist! As previously discussed, Suffolk County (Long Island New York) executive Steve Levy has begun cracking down on clown houses containing dozens of illegal aliens.

Suffolk County's Steve Levy has a spine - 06/27/05

Newsday's Bart Jones offers us an immigration story that isn't a PIIPP.

Help Bart Jones of Long Island Newsday find the border! - 06/21/05

Bart Jones is Newsday's immigration reporter, but he has a problem and he needs your help. Bart has trouble locating the United States border.

More pro-illegal immigration puff pieces noted - 07/11/04

A brief summary of the rules: a "pro-illegal immigration puff piece" (hereinafter "PIIPP") must mention the name of the person we're to feel Sally Struthers-level sympathy for in the first sentence and must be full of lies and/or vapid platitudes. Bart Jones, the immigration reporter for Long Island's Newsday, appears to offer a treasure trove of such PIIPPs: The Newcomers: El Sal