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Literally there is nothing better than that one album Bird, Diz, and a very young Monk play on. Although, the drummer sucks.
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From @EmmettMiche11em
RT @CharlesPPierce: @michaelbd @HeerJeet @EricLevitz @michelleinbklyn @MatthewSitman They were unruly adolescent dipwads who decided to moc…
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.@EmmettMiche11em: Trump shot someone on 5th Ave & is getting away with it. He supports *amnesty*. That's like if Bernie supported bump stocks. @CharlesPPierce @HeerJeet @EricLevitz etc simply aren't smart enough to take advantage of it by helping separate Trump from his base.
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Will @michaelbd of NRO oppose @EmmaOGreen of The Atlantic correctly? Let's find out:
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@michaelbd: suggest @JKirchick go after the #RedCross next: #libertarian #OccupyWallStreet #libertarians #phnm