Help Bart Jones of Long Island Newsday find the border!

Bart Jones is Newsday's immigration reporter, but he has a problem and he needs your help. Bart has trouble locating the United States border. If only Jones could find the border, he wouldn't have named his latest Strutherseque work "Dozens of men now left with nowhere to go":
The man from Mexico City said he came to Farmingville looking for work so he could give his wife and two children a better life back home.

Yesterday, he found himself homeless in the land that was supposed to fuel his dream. He was among dozens of Mexican day laborers evicted from 33 Woodmont Place in a crackdown on overcrowded housing by authorities...
Now, if you didn't know any better you might think some great injustice had been delivered upon these "immigrants", none of whom are identified as being all or mostly illegal aliens anywhere in Jones' tale. In fact, he doesn't even use "undocumented" or even more complicated euphemisms.

Thankfully, those who want a little truth to go with their pap might consider another Newsday report entitled "Farmingville flophouse landlord arrested":
Suffolk police yesterday arrested the owner of a rundown 900-square-foot house in Farmingville that has been home to as many as 64 Hispanic immigrants at a time, each paying $200 to $250 a month in rent...

"They used every square inch of space to squeeze in more clients," said Suffolk Deputy Inspector Douglas Rilling. "It's a house that was built for a family with a couple of kids."

...The house on Woodmont Place first came to the attention of authorities on April 2, 2003, when soot buildup in a chimney sparked a fire. Firefighters found 45 mattresses, according to records...
It further describes the long legal process that lead up to the eviction, and it discusses the wacky activities of the Coalition of Landlords, Homeowners and Merchants that supports the landlord.

The NYT report "L.I. Home Held Up to 64 Men, Authorities Say" has more, and if you haven't had enough Jones, see the related report "They 'ran us out of there'", which in a slight nod to the truth briefly mentions "an influx of undocumented Mexican immigrants".

Previous pap from Jones in "More pro-illegal immigration puff pieces noted".

But, most importantly, please contact li *at* and suggest they buy Bart Jones a map or something. But, you have to wonder why Newsday would print pieces like this that attempt to apologize for illegal immigration. Why would that be?



bart jones in your article about the closing of the mexican flop house in long island you FAILed to mention how many if any of the 42 people living there were illegal or not also why weren't they arrested if illegal deport all illegals and close the border thank you

Hola Barth espero recibas este mensajg y puedas contactarme, de ante mano te felicito por tu arduo trabajo y espero sigas asi apoyando a la comunidad latina .