More pro-illegal immigration puff pieces noted

A brief summary of the rules: a "pro-illegal immigration puff piece" (hereinafter "PIIPP") must mention the name of the person we're to feel Sally Struthers-level sympathy for in the first sentence and must be full of lies and/or vapid platitudes.

Bart Jones, the immigration reporter for Long Island's Newsday, appears to offer a treasure trove of such PIIPPs:

The Newcomers: El Salvador

Mirna ibarra, a junior at Central Islip High School, didn't come to the United States the typical way... Getting a visa to enter the United States was nearly impossible, so Ibarra was smuggled across the U.S.-Mexico border and into Los Angeles..." (At least they're legal now.)

For these mothers, the decision to leave behind their children tortures them every day

"Alba Manzanarez hasn't hugged or kissed her children in four years... The goal was to work, make enough money to provide a better life, and eventually bring the girls here by paying a smuggler, which is how she arrived.

And, from the Seattle Press-Intelligencer:

Immigrants' safety net unravels: Elimination of state indigent fund puts many in jeopardy

"Aurelia Baltazar Loza slipped over the Mexican border into the United States with three of her children not long after her husband of 25 years was killed in a traffic accident..."

The earlier post 'Templates, patterns, and selling massive illegal immigration' links to two more.

If you spot a PIIPP, please leave its URL in the comments, I'm trying to collect the whole series.

SIGHTING 07/12/04:

Sacramento Bee


"Immigration bill falters as election takes center stage"


"Peaches are in season, and Leticia Lopez has just spent six hours doubled over a bin, picking out the misfits... The 34-year-old widow finds it difficult and frightening without her family and without papers... She would prefer to be here legally, but economic realities compel her to stay..."

Background information:

John Kerry supports the AgJobs amnesty... Barbara Boxer supports the AgJobs amnesty too... I provide a list of the 400 big ag business, radical groups, and Racial Identity groups that support AgJobs here. Those groups are the ultimate in special interest groups.


"Emily Bazar -- Bee Staff Writer -- And Michael Doyle -- Bee Washington Bureau"


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