9500 liberty

9500 Liberty (documentary filmmakers Eric Byler, Annabel Park, and Jeff Man)

"9500 Liberty" is the name of a documentary dealing with the immigration issue in Prince William County, Virginia. It was presented as balanced, but it was actually far-left, supportive of illegal immigration, and biased against white people. For instance, see youtube.com/watch?v=29WTKbpYhag where they present an older white gentleman in a bad light, footage that they repurposed at least one other time to make the same point; they wouldn't attempt to do the same with someone who's non-white (see if you can find anything like that on any of their dozens of videos).

They also promoted videos featuring Stephen Fuller of George Mason University promoting profiting from illegal immigration without disclosing that he was Chief Economist of a local bank.

Those involved are: Eric Byler, Annabel Park, and Jeff Man.

The first two are also leaders of the Coffee Party Movement, bringing the 9500Liberty magic to the opposition to the tea parties. The former will no doubt support massive/illegal immigration, an issue that the latter ignores; neither group represents the interests of the majority of Americans who want illegal immigration reduced.

Last modified Feb 26, 2010
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The 9500 Liberty pro-illegal immigration documentary will be shown on MTV on September 26; see the link for the details on that film. Two years ago, Youtube started promoting them and that was followed by the Washington Post and other sources, and that's not because it's a balanced treatment of the immigration issue but rather because they're on the pro-illegal immigration side.

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The passive-aggressive racists at the Youtube-promoted 9500 Liberty are back with a new video, this one featuring one Robb Pearson, a former leader of a small anti-illegal immigration group (Morristown, New Jersey rally described here) who's since recanted and now supports illegal immigration due to his belief that opposition to illegal activity is motivated by racism. I didn't watch the videos (Part 1 here), but feel free to do so in my stead and let me know whether it's similar in any way to videotaped "confessions" from the Soviet Union. Note this unverified comment from ALIPAC at that...

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[The money followed in the update, and also see the 9500 Liberty page.] Stephen Fuller/Stephen S. Fuller of George Mason University - supposedly a professor of public policy - is featured on the latest video from 9500 Liberty. On the video (called "IMMIGRATION Crackdown HURTS Our Economy", link) he discusses the dire consequences of Prince William County in northern Virginia trying to do something about illegal immigration in their county. Oddly enough, for the several minutes that Fuller basically says the same thing over and over, he only discusses direct economic effects and certainly...

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Filmmakers Eric Byler, Annabel Park, and Jeff Man run "9500Liberty", a pro-illegal immigration online documentary project discussing issues in northern Virginia (youtube.com/user/9500Liberty). In the past they've resorted to re-re-re-repurposing supposedly controversial comments from an older white gentleman in an attempt to racially demagogue the issue, but now they're back with a new video called "IMMIGRATION Crackdown HURTS Our Economy" (link) featuring the thoughts of supposed professor of Public Policy at George Mason University, Stephen Fuller. Like their other efforts, the video is...

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