The Coffee Party Movement: anti-Tea Party group with 9500 Liberty

[ADDED: the real anti-Tea Party movement is at that link]

"The Coffee Party Movement" is a new, anti-tea parties movement. It involves in some form of leadership Eric Byler and Annabel Park of 9500 Liberty, producers of the illegal immigration-supporting, anti-white documentary discussed at the link. Now, they're bringing their far-left ideology - and their ability to get approving coverage from the mainstream media - to the opposition to the tea partiers.

In addition to a Facebook group ( and Twitter feeds (twitter dot com/JoinCoffeeParty, twitter dot com/coffeepartyusa), they have a Youtube channel at The last contains the attached video in which an Arab-American plays the race card, claiming that since he didn't see anyone of his ethnicity at the tea party events that means they don't represent his interests. No doubt he's wrong about there being no Arab-Americans in the tea parties, and in any case this is yet another example of 9500 Liberty's far-left assumption that political ideology is race-based. (Fact-checking his complaints about small business loans is left as an exercise; the SBA probably does have such loans).

Rather than choosing which group to support, I'll continue opposing the tea partiers and I'll also oppose the Coffee Party as the occasion arises. We need a mainstream opposition to the tea parties, and the Coffee Party is definitely not it.

This new group is also another opportunity for the tea party types to be bad at something; rather than taking effective steps to undercut the Coffee Party they'll no doubt take steps that will end up helping those on the other side. As a part of that, any attempts I make to show the tea partiers how to correctly oppose the other side will no doubt be rebuffed; they tend to know best even when they obviously don't.

Note: I've been unable to find out who's exactly the leader of the group, but a Daniel Callahan of Middlebury, Vermont recently registered which is currently a GoDaddy parked page. Whether that's just a coincidence or will be the group's website remains to be seen.

2/26/10 UPDATE: The Washington Post has a three-screener on the group here.


its all about control and always has been, the boys in the government setup the tea party people and new need some other group to take it down,all part of the deals made, it really is up to the lone guys to do the job of freedom not politcal controlled groups in other words the lone nut! with a will to do the right thing if you know what i mean?