9500 Liberty immigration documentary on MTV (NY Times, Tea Parties)

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The 9500 Liberty pro-illegal immigration documentary will be shown on MTV on September 26; see the link for the details on that film. Two years ago, Youtube started promoting them and that was followed by the Washington Post and other sources, and that's not because it's a balanced treatment of the immigration issue but rather because they're on the pro-illegal immigration side.

9500 Liberty also provides yet another example of tea parties / rightwing blogger failure: the same people behind 9500 Liberty are behind the recent "Coffee Party" movement. That movement was mentioned here a few weeks before rightwing blogs picked up on it, and none of them that I saw knew about or mentioned their previous immigration-related activities. Instead, they made apparently false claims that she had been employed by the Obama or other Democratic campaigns, something that she denies (link).

But, wait, there's more: their film was screened today at the New York Times as part of that paper's "VOCES Latino Heritage Network". See the image below.