Rep. Luis Gutierrez wants illegal aliens in healthcare exchange; emulate Blue Dogs for amnesty

Rep. Luis Gutierrez - a buffoonish fervent supporter of illegal immigration - recently spoke out in favor of allowing illegal aliens into the Obama healthcare "exchange". Per ABC News (link), speaking in Spanish at a Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute function, he said:

"Those who should be our friends, our allies, are more and more giving Rep. (Joe) Wilson, R-S.C., exactly what he wants to continue with this prejudice against our community... What is the administration’s answer?... To give him exactly what he said from this hatred. Because now, the administration has told us that if we’re going to have reform of our health care system ... all those that go to the private sector in order to get their health care, that they will verify them. They will verify Social Security; they will verify their status in the United States of America... So, and remember, we’re not talking about government health care, we’re talking about everybody is going to be required to get health care insurance... And so as we go to this big store, right, where everybody is required. And this exchange, the health care exchange, where if you don’t have health care you are required to go purchase it. When you go and attempt to purchase it, what does the administration say? The administration says, 'You will have to prove that you are legally in the United States and have a Social Security number and a right to that.'"

Obviously, it's not "hatred" to oppose giving U.S. benefits to foreign citizens who are here illegally. And, as is usual in cases like this, it's interesting who exactly is in Gutierrez' "community".

Later on, he proposed using a Blue Dog technique of refusing to sign on to Obamacare in order to get comprehensive immigration reform. He also said:

"There won't be true reform in this country until the most vulnerable among us have their rights respected here."

Also obviously, foreign citizens don't have a "right" to come here illegally, and - despite years of trying - illegal activity supporters like Gutierrez have only been able to find a handful of cases of foreign citizens being denied actual rights. See also the immigration vulnerable summary.


all of the third world will be part of the new monkey nation health care plan when obama makes all of the world Americans until nothing is here to take.

Another hispanic racist. Crimes are okay if committed by hispanics or blacks. But if white-Look Out!!! Thank YOU JOE WILSON for spotlighting this issue which they were gonna omit from the bill. Lousy corruptocrats!