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Did Joe Wilson vote to give healthcare to illegal aliens in 2003? (Donny Shaw, Sunlight) - 09/19/09

The short answer is "no". The reason why there's even a question is because it's part of the campaign by Obama supporters to smear Joe Wilson for his "You lie!" outburst during a recent Obama speech. While that campaign rages on even today, here's a recent flashback to Sep. 11.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez wants illegal aliens in healthcare exchange; emulate Blue Dogs for amnesty - 09/15/09

Rep. Luis Gutierrez - a buffoonish fervent supporter of illegal immigration - recently spoke out in favor of allowing illegal aliens into the Obama healthcare "exchange".

E.J. Dionne sells Obamacare for illegal aliens - 09/15/09

EJ Dionne of the Washington Post writes of the Joe Wilson "You lie!" outburst and the topic of illegal aliens being covered under Obama healthcare (link). In this bit he lets you know that he's just a disingenuous hack whose opinions can't be trusted: For the record, Wilson's premise is itself untrue: The framers of the various Democratic health-care bills did all they could to make sure their proposals wouldn't help illegal immigrants. Yes, a few might slip through the cracks and -- horrors! -- get assistance. But the health reformers wrote language as tough as it could be to make sure this...

FactCheck furiously spins healthcare coverage for illegal aliens; Obama still right! - 09/11/09

FactCheck offers "Obama’s Health Care Speech/We fact-check the president's address to Congress and the nation" ( which to a certain extent contradicts claims made by their own director Brooks Jackson back on August 14. At that time, he said it was "False" that "Illegal Immigrants Will Be Covered" under the House bill; his claim itself is false. With the new article they're at least admitting that those who point out that illegal aliens would be covered "have a point", but they furiously spin things - surprise! - to Obama's benefit: [In his...

Senate tightening rules on illegal aliens in healthcare reform? (after Joe Wilson's "You lie!") - 09/11/09

From this discussion of Senate negotiations over their version of Obama healthcare: The controversy over Republican Rep. Joe Wilson's shouting out "You Lie!" at the President over his claim that illegal immigrants wouldn't benefit from health-care reform apparently sparked some reconsideration of the relevant language. "We really thought we'd resolved this question of people who are here illegally, but as we reflected on the President's speech last night we wanted to go back and drill down again," said Senator Kent Conrad, one of the Democrats in the talks after a meeting Thursday morning. (...

Jordan Fabian of The Hill implies Obama opponent might be drug addict - 09/10/09

What do we call it when a reporter - in this case Jordan Fabian of The Hill - implies that one of Barack Obama's opponents might be a drug addict? At the least I'll call it extremely sleazy; I'll leave other terms up to you:

Angie Drobnic Holan of Politifact misleads about healthcare reform bill covering illegal aliens - 09/10/09

Angie Drobnic Holan of Politifact offers "Joe Wilson of South Carolina said Obama lied, but he didn't" [1] about Obama's claim that illegal aliens wouldn't get benefits under Obama healthcare.

Obama health care speech: September 9, 2009 - 09/09/09

Barack Obama will be giving a healthcare speech on September 9, 2009 and either we'll be covering it live, or you will by leaving comments. If you'll be watching the speech, please leave a comment pointing out the things he's lied or misled about or the things he doesn't mention. A transcript of the speech will be posted here as soon as it's available. UPDATE: You can watch this online at I'm going to leave watching it up to you, please leave a comment.

Seventy-five House members demand: no stimulus jobs for illegal aliens - 03/11/09

Yesterday, seventy-five House members - Dem and GOP - signed on to a letter to House leaders demanding that they block illegal aliens from taking stimulus plan jobs: link.